My daughter, Violet, completely LOVED seeing Dr. Getz. It was her first dentist visit ever and she was very excited to hear that there were TVs on the ceilings. She didn’t even end up watching them because she was so relaxed! Dr. Getz made her feel immediately comfortable. Dr. Getz clearly has a way with children. It was very impressive. Violet has asked me a few times, “When can I go back to the dentist?” I would recommend Dr. Getz above any other pediatric dentist that I have heard of. Thank you for giving my daughter such a smooth introduction to the dentist!

Melani B. - Brooklyn, NY

I never thought I would hear my son say the words “I can’t wait to go back to the dentist’s office,” plus he also added that he really liked Dr. Getz, “she is very nice and has a tv on the ceiling”.  My wife and I were really impressed with everything, from the level of service right down to the kid friendly atmosphere/decor.  we knew we made the right decision in choosing Caring for Kids Pediatric Dentistry.

We certainly will highly recommend your practice to anyone looking for a good, no make that great pediatric dentist.

Rick T. - Riverdale, NY

I was not looking forward to another dentist visit with my 3 year old and was really apprehensive about “another new dentist,”  but what a wonderful experience!  And I should have known better – because from my initial conversation with the staff, the young man I spoke with put me right at ease.  They are even willing to extend themselves and find out more about my coverage.  I couldn’t wait to recommend Dr. Getz and her staff to my friends and family. I called my sister right away from the parking lot shouting ” I found my dentist!”  I highly recommend this practice.

Betty R. - New Rochelle, NY

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